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Stephanie and Joseph Ballard met while out having a night of fun at the Hard Rock Cafe. Joseph was with the fellas and Stephanie out with her girls! Joseph had to be coerced to hang out on a night that he would soon never forget. On this special evening, Stephanie had her eye on her future husband and former classmate. She was formally introduced by her friend and sorority sister and six years later the rest was history...so to speak.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Stephanie Ballard were married July 20, 2017 at a picturesque venue called The Addison in Boca Raton, Florida. From start to finish, the Ballard's wedding was simply elegant and full of excitement. There is no doubt that the Ballard's would say it was one of the best nights of their lives! 

Please enjoy a few of our favorite shots from the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Ballard. TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM!

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Thomas + Denise: A Cup of Tea https://www.jaisimonephotography.com/blog/2016/4/thomas-denise

It all began with a cup of tea. Who would've thought that that simple cup of tea would turn into the beginning of something so beautiful. Thomas and Denise's love teaches us that when we make ourselves available, pray, and seek God that love could show up at any time in our lives, especially when we least expect it. Sometimes love is right under our noses, right before our eyes, and even in our inboxes. What you've been waiting for all this time could be staring you in your face. Will you notice it or overlook it? 

We should not just accept any and everybody into our lives. Besides, there's no sense in having someone who only makes your life more complicated. Love is not meant to be stressful. When you meet the right one, you may know right away or it may even take some time for it to become obvious to you. But, the moment you realize that what you've got is worth keeping, hold on tight and don't let go! This world is filled with people but, not all of them compliment us, give us something to look forward to each day, and put a smile on our faces. Thomas & Denise began with a cup of tea. What will your love begin with? To the bride and groom!



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Build Your Portfolio: Modeling, Acting, and More! https://www.jaisimonephotography.com/blog/2016/3/build-your-portfolios-modeling-acting-and-more

Whether you model, sing, act, dance, or the like you are part of the entertainment business. If you're really serious about making it in this very competitive business then you will definitely need a portfolio filled with professional photographs. Of course you could pull out your handy dandy digital camera and snap a few photos, but the level of quality won't be there. Our suggestion...let the professionals do what they do best. You don't hire a plumber to design clothing do you? You certainly don't hire a surgeon to build houses. 

What do agencies want to see? Simply put, they want to see you...RAW and UNCUT! Head shots, photos of you being yourself, and images that express a variety of moods are the types of photographs that should be included. Jai Simone Photography will gives clean, professional images that you'll be able to use to get the jobs you need from the agencies you want. Here's a preview of a few portfolio pictures from my 7-year old client. Talk about being a natural!

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