Jai Simone Photography was started in 2015 when our owner, Jai Simone decided to tap into her creative, artsy side. Jai Simone first learned that she was in love with photography when she attended Fort Lauderdale High School and her photography teacher would allow her to take photos of students around the school and develop them in the dark room. 


Jai Simone is an artistic, photographic storyteller. She allows the photographs that she takes to tell your story. 


Here at Jai Simone Photography we pride ourselves on our customer service and we work hard to make sure that our clients truly enjoy their experience. We enjoy finding the beauty in our surroundings and making our clients' vision come to life. We make relationships with our clients and every relationship begins with a consultation about what you as the customer envision.


We are flattered that you would choose Jai Simone Photography to capture your memory through our eyes!